Jess & Ravenna

Jess & Ravenna

I love horses.  It really can be boiled down to that simple fact.  These animals have filled my thoughts since I can remember.  Their mental and physical well-being are my top priorities.  I create an environment that challenges, educates and improves, but above all is fair to these magnificent animals.   

I ride Dressage.  At its core, it exemplifies the relationship I strive to achieve with my horses.  Rhythm. Relaxation. Connection. Impulsion. Straightness. Collection.  In that order.  

The horse comes first.  Yes, I compete and sometimes I compete at a very high level but that never means that it is at the expense of the horse.  Competition is a wonderful way to gauge your training successes and failures, while also providing objective feedback.  I like all of those things.  Our horses are prepared and trained with classical methods to enjoy their work.  Competitions are an opportunity for them to show off all of their hard work too.  A happy horse is a successful horse.

My space is limited.  I do take new clients on from time to time, so just ask and I'll be happy to let you know if I have space and time for a new boarder or training client. 

Our farm is wonderful.  I'm not just saying that because I run the place, I'm saying it because I have experienced a ton of different farms around the country, and world.  We pay individual attention to each animal.  Feed is customized.  Training constantly adjusted.  Welfare and fairness a priority.  Just to top it all off... Vermont is stunning, and we just happen to be in a beautiful spot. Great Facility. Great footing. Great Care. Great program. Happy Horses.

I love sharing.  I feel extremely lucky to have had access to some of the world's most amazing and successful riders and trainers and I love to share my knowledge.  I believe that by becoming better riders we can allow our horses to be both successful and happy.  Through my years of experience with many different horses and coaches, I have established methods for riding and training that are honest, humane, successful, positive and rewarding for both horses and riders alike.  I feel like I have succeeded when I see a pair of happy athletes performing together in harmony.

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